We´re looking to  provide the best graphic support adventure. To achieve this, we have a small but talented team of artists from around the world in a real worldpixelated coalition.

2 Playable characters

25 Original characters and counting

42 Handmade illustrated locations

More than two hundred 16-bit sprites styled animations!

The names behind all that magic are John Ace, Himashis Karmakar, Valentyn Kovalinskyi, Alan Dukardt and Lo Lang among many others

Intriguing analogue puzzles and dialogues even in weird languages like Esperanto!

Stunning professional voice talent for all characters, starring  Jesse Przybyl as our hero!

The adventure can be enjoyed in three of the world’s most popular languages: English, Spanish and…French

French makes us very European, you know, people from the Old Continent love   point and click adventures! (and mostly because German is relly hard)

English translations provided by Gino Toti

Sol 705 main them was written and performed by Chris Wickham

Incidental music has been composed by the great Eric Matyas

The game soundtrack is composed by our favourite group: Hiroshima Dandys. Each track emerged from the amazing little keyboard of his alma mater Pablo ‘Mambo’ Rivas!

The Hiroshima are a band from the city of Buenos Aires who are currently on tour with their new production. Turn into a fan after watching their productions on YouTube down here!

Sol705 uses a prodigious open source engine specifically created for graphic adventures: Adventure Bladecoder Engine!

After months of searching and many headaches after testing the different adventures editors available, at the last minute, we found this wonderful open source, which not only offers many more features than their peers- free and paid- but it also gives us the ability to take the game to most of the platforms available today.

All details about its characteristics can be found on the official website of the author: Rafael Garcia

Bladecoder Engine