Sol705 Manga by Lorena Land

Our friends are already sharing his drawings, screen captures and feelings about Meeno adventures! Feel free to send us your own art or pictures to or by tweeter, facebook or instagram!


Meeno by Fernando Carpena

Fernando Carpena, author of Las Mudas and Luana is also a fantastic cartoonist…well he actually was an amazing artist before start writing! Anyways, he´s a great friend and he sent this tribute to the Estucco kid yesterday!

Myriam and Christian from Geneva, Switzerland trying to find out how to get out of the school and catching some bugs in the way!

Alejandro J S from Italy finally did it! He keep up posted via twitter at every  moment sharing his journey with us! Well done buddy!

Virtual reality is everywhere those days…Leo is putting his real cat into Meeno´s inventory. Twisted wisked diodes kiddo!

From a city not far away from Tucana, here we have one enthusiast german girl playing the game! Kaputt Kaos!


Here´s Marco, our best beta tester in action!

At schools

Learning to draw the game characters is now mandatory at Father Carlito´s Institute!

And here we have Jazmin Chen’s (pictured above) masterpiece!


Our friend, Fede, playing Sol at lunch time!

This is the pic of the month!! Can you believe this?? The game is running in a $%#$ Cintiq!

Larpon @develpon from Black Grain Games ( made it possible at Denmark!