A classic point & click graphic adventure fully voiced with subtitles in English, Spanish and French!

They were dark times...

Long before internet was made

Alienating myteries...

And really strange hairstyles!

In a society full of pain...

When ibuprofen don't even exist

Welcome to Tucana


The year: 1974 – winter break, to be precise. Something weird is going on in a sleepy Argentinean rural town. The neighbours’ behaviour is stranger than usual, the livestock suffers from a constipation epidemic and some folks claim to have seen curious lights in the night sky.

The truth is that when you’re on vacation, nights have a way of feeling even longer… It’s the perfect time to test the guts and gumption of Sol 705, a student club devoted to the search for extraterrestrial phenomena. But the boys will face their toughest challenge while making contact with those fabled creatures… members of the opposite sex!

Play the First chapter “Sol705 Exordium”


We are doing everything possible to put this game in all existing devices…but things take time. For now, we saw all Turbo Pascal tutorials and the four seasons Halt and Catch Fire

Available now on Windows ( 7 to 10) Mac (Sierra / High Sierra)
and Linux

Important: be sure to download version 217 from Google Play Store. Android 5 or higher recommended. The ios version is also available!

*Full English voice with English, Spanish and French subtitles

iPhone & iPad version
Windows Version
Mac Version
Linux Version
Android Version

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Among many others argentinian and spanish media as Malditos Nerds, Glitchy Frames, Juanje Juega and Radio Delta FM

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Only seven days to solve a galactic


 English version performed by extra-talented voice actors!

 Psychedelic and progressive Pop Rock soundtrack!

 An unmatched decadent sociocultural atmosphere!

Super funny puzzles and subtitles in both english and spanish!